Monday, 18 June 2007


As has been reported in the press, the Pilton Pop Festival is once more about to pollute our airwaves, digital and cable networks and utterly spoil all Correctly-Thinking People's weekends virtually everywhere. I, for one, am appalled at the length of time I would be expected to have fun, Get On Down, Strut My Funky Stuff, (Sho' Nuff) and generally Shake the Old Rump of Steel Skin to The Groove That Makes Yo' Booty Move.

I certainly will not be experiencing anything like this event and I would deter any normal and self-tax assessing, dental appointment keeping, straight queuing upstanding pillars such as myself from doing so either.

Give us all the "Birch" that's what I say.


Magdalene said...

Which is all rubbish of course because I have just published photographic evidence that you were indeed strutting your funky stuff, (well, mincing about like a pink fairy anyway.)

Metamatician said...

Hehe, I have that photo saved FOREVER now on my hard drive.

And now... THE LARCH.