Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Walks Among the Wild Folk

Not long ago, in a land called Brigstocke, I went on a journey to a faraway unusual landscape. Deep in this landscape lived a great many beautiful beings. These beings are known historically and up to this very day as 'trees'. Trees are unusual creatures in that they all huddle together. When they do so, we humans call them a 'forest' or 'wood'.

The wood is a wonderful magical arena of smells and sights many of us puny humans are not likely to witness in the third dimension, or actuality, as they are often difficult to see from the safety and seclusion of our 'sofas'.

I have included some rare photos of 'forests' to show the Lesser Spotty Couch Potato exactly what they may be missing. Look, if you will, at the variety of green colours and brown tints in just one frame.

I know, it's difficult to believe isn't it. Sometimes, deep inside these verdant playpens, it is possible to catch sight of small creatures who come to visit in order to avail themselves of the magnificence therein.On this occasion, I was lucky enough to capture a pair of such playpals, unaware of my presence, probably in some sort of trance. This is another rare and magical image of just what may be expected around any corner.

Just look at the social, almost human nature and stance of these two forest animals as they forage for food. Or at least, that's what I suppose they were up to. Oh, the misleading power that is anthropomorphosis.

I spent several hours tracking these most elusive of creatures. Every time I thought I had them pegged, they used some form of distraction technique, and just vanished into the canopy.

I tried several of my bushcraft skills to gain their confidence, until eventually, I actually got one of them to nervously take a tortilla wrap from my hand. What an incredible privilege!

This for me was proof positive that the conservation of these astonishing beasts' natural habitat is of paramount import to, not only their survival, but perhaps the benefit of all of us as we dodge the traffic and live our sedentary and oh so complex lives.

One day, when I've saved up or stolen enough of other peoples' money, I hope to return to this fantastic land, this oasis of life as we imagine in our wildest dreams.

Until then, I'll just have to gaze fondly upon these images and think of the times I spent in the company of these little hooded characters.


Ju's little sister said...

simply gorgeous

Magdalene said...

Oh dear, I do believe you are beginning to show the first symptoms of Stickland's Cerebritis. I'll bring the mustard plasters and leeches at the weekend. As for those two young forest creatures, they'd better not have eaten all the choclit.

Your word verification is 'weettdrh' which is interesting because some people do indeed find that weett gives them drh.

Raelha said...

A great post, although I'm inclined to agree with Magdalene about the early onset af SC.

Martin Stickland said...

I thought I was barking mad but you really take the biscuit!!

Such a funny read, that gave me good old rip roaring chuckle to start me off for the day.

Have a sooooper doooper weekend my friend.

You are so funny!

Thesaurus Rex said...

Thank you all so much for your continued interest and encouraging comments. My email is a bit screwed up by virginmedia at the mo so if you get stuff returned to you unsent, ignore and assume I've got it as I got these ones ok.

Martin Stickland said...

Sorry to hear that you email is stuffed.

Give it a good whack (no, the PC silly, that will make you blind) and all will be okay