Thursday, 1 November 2007

And so....

And so I have gone and been to another gig. The drummer from the first band was great. A throwback to what drummers should be. Tight and in their own world. As if the band they're in is just a figment of their imagination, bizarrely in time with their own bedroom/bedsit/othersideoftheworld thoughts. He only had a guitarist/singer for company as one of the guitarists couldn't turn up. Rock 'n' roll, eh.

The guys I came to see were great. Just garage rock shit of an ilk that kids get but they don't know why, and growed ups get but they forgot they did cos generally they're too busy at home watching shit or being asleep or just can't remember etc, just like I can't in general.
Yeah the bass player wore a dress. But I was usually sexier, my skirt was usually tighter. Actually, I was usually sexier, more pissed, more talented and can sing, for fucks sake.
Yeah, the songs were of a balls-out-go-for-it genre, but really everyone involved knows the old ones were so much more musically, well, musical. Didn't mean anybody came to see us or hear those songs though.

The drummer was on a planet of his own, which means the best guitar player in this city of his type is probably never gonna find a rhythm he can ingratiate without compromise.
In the end, talking to boring boys and girls out on yet another Bristol night out became dull. So here I am, talking to you guys.

Thank fuck all you guys exist. Without you, I would be asleep.


Thesaurus Rex said...

And so say all of us!!!!!!!!!

Magdalene said...

You're still the sexiest, most pissed and most talented and you can still sing. Thank fuck you've stopped wearing the dresses though.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Well, obviously there are exceptions, but the old beer belly makes me a 12 now.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Oh, and thank you for saying so and not calling me an arrogant twat, cos when I read through this I thought, 'Good grief, what an arrogant twat.'

Magdalene said...

Arrogant twat.

Martin Stickland said...

"Far out man!" I wish I could play an instrument or sing a chord without sounding like a wounded bag pipe but I cant.

My mate in the Village is a great drummer (dreadlock Martin)and he is in a world of his own too.

The CCTV camera caught us both ballroom dancing outside the Castle pub at 1-ish in the morning on Tuesday night!

Have a good weekend!

Raelha said...

What is it about bass players and dresses/feather bowers/silver trousers? Or do I just have a strange taste in music?

Martin, you're not alone. I have been known to waltz down Queen St. in Cardiff at the end of a night out.

Magdalene said...

Sounds like we could all manage a spectacular night out together. Bristol, Devon or Spain? I'll supply the Tequila.

Ps. Rex keeps his old dreadlocks in a jam jar. Tee hee.

lorenzothellama said...

Martin, I'm sure if you had an instrument it would be lovely.

I rather like men in dresses. A lot of them look better than some women do. Think Grayson Perry.

When are you going to do your bit on addictions?

Lorenzo T.

Magdalene said...

No no Lorenzo, shhhhh! It will be the longest post ever in the history of blogging and we will all grow frail and weak long before we've reached the end.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Lorro; Ah, interesting thought. Addictions not G.Perry. First of all I'd have to get pissed up and all ranty. Am giving my liver a well earned rest for a few days, so this is gonna be a future project perhaps.
Raelha; Have been known to wear all of those except silver trousers. I did once wear a wedding tunic made of red ribbon and can rings. Fetching!

Non-dreadlock Martin; Hi dude. Did you get a copy of your dance with D.M. and if so, can we have it posted please. P.S. Unless you have at last three sets of vocal chords, you can't sing a chord. Have you ever seen 'Altered States'

Mags; One day they'll be worth a million bucks, but only when the U.S. economy sinks so low the exchange rate follows. Still, whilst there's imagination, there's always hope.

Rex; Arrogant twat!

lorenzothellama said...

Did you mean 'pissed and ranty' or 'pissed and randy'?

Also, did you like my definition in wordimperfect yesterday?


lorenzothellama said...

p.s. Off to the sudoku web page for my addiction, just until the sun dips below the yard arm. Come to think of it, the sun's not out today. Mmmm.


Martin Stickland said...

'Seen altered states'?

I have seen my wife going to bed with a lovely made up face and then have woken up next to her thinking 'what a state' (do not tell her this!)

Is it a film? Is it a book? is it something you cook on toast?

Thesaurus Rex said...

Martin; It's a film. Not particularly good one from late 80's with William Hurt(also in 'Children of a Lesser God' and 'Kiss of the Spider Woman')Get it from dvd shop or library for a laugh when u have not much else to do.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Lorro; Oh yeah, not a bad piece of name dropping. And correct use of sarcasm with the tall and skinny bit.
Martin; P.S.; Please don't spread or cook dvds on toast because it ruins the toast. Doesn't do much for the dvd either.