Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I'll write this all in large type for the hard of hearing.

Here is something utterly stupid I have learnt to do whilst I have been away from the blogosphere. It's not all I've been doing. There has been work, decorating, cricket, drinking tea, visiting The B.F.G. and watching the days get shorter and shorter and shorter.

Soon I will be watching the days get longer and longer again. There is a possibility many more works of depth and integrity may ensue in time, but for now, all you lovely people will have to put up with this one addition to the wonderful world of utterly ridiculous 'art'.

Please enjoy.

I apologise for my lack of posting, especially about the shed as some of you will have burst with the suspense by now, of that I am sure.

I also apologise for not continuing to comment on your own efforts blogging about all manner of interests, but I lost all enthusiasm for doing so and hope to be back to my facetious and sardonic japes forthwith.

Until then good fellows, adieu and be good at least till Santa stuffs your stockings.

Happy Solstice!


Martin Stickland said...

Ello me old fruit, I have been away from the blogging scene myself for a while, I hope you have a fine and dandy 2010 my friend, I am just off out to get pissed in a pub or two!


Metamatician said...

Happy New Years if you're a fan of Pope Gregory that is. Regardless cheers you old turd and it's about time you stopped worshiping that game of cricket, brilliant as it is, and got into the spirit of things with sports such as badminton and table tennis. If the Chinese are to take over the world, these are skills you will need my friend.

Ok, so this is my year for tryouts with Marin United or whatever the fuck they call themselves... cricket will rise in 2010 you just watch... And watch some David Lynch whilst you're at it. Does wonders.