Sunday, 8 July 2007

Positively Bored

Here is a thingy entitled 'Positively Bored' which I wrote, without the aid or assurance of a safety net in the spring of 2006.

Anyone who says that only boring people get bored, bores me.

Anyone who says that they never get bored is only occupied in their spare time by deluding themselves about their own lack of boredom.

Being bored is a natural, nay quintessential part of the human condition.

It is absolutely normal to become less interested in what you are doing than in the possibilities of what you could otherwise be doing.

It does not mean you are skittish.

It does not mean that you are de-focussed.

It merely makes obvious your status as a human being.

If humans did not become bored, they would not have invented or discovered many of the more fascinating extremes of the human experience of being alive on this planet.

Indeed, they may never have been off this planet.

Being bored is not necessarily dysfunctional.

It is merely a facet of existence.



Magdalene said...

"I agree wholeheartedly," she uttered in an enthusiastic tone of voice, thus belying the depths of frustration and boredom to which her rubbish internet connection had of late, forced her to sink.

Ps. There is nothing wrong with your title bar as far as I can see.

pps. I won Friday's Wordimperfect. Yippee!

ppps. Your current, comment moderation word is cgymea, which I think sounds like a particularly prurulent gynaecological complaint.

Metamatician said...

I agree, I think boredom sucks and serves no useful purpose.

Lol, one time I got some jumble of Googlish like ASHFCuKz or maybe even closer to the real thing (...), but I kept my laughter in check.

Then Google had to move its king. Them's the rules; blame Staunton.

I feel like I'm reenacting the Great Train Robbery every time I post... must... get... green... letters... perfect - or the station bobbies arrive and Donald Sutherland is arrested. You Brits and your homeland-security paranoia!

Thesaurus Rex said...

Man, the point is that boredom IS a human function. We all need it to move on. I'm not sure you ever get bored for very long. As far as I can make out you are awake for 23 hours a day 27 days of the month.
Donald Sutherland should be arrested for unlawful possession of over-watery eyes and an illegally cheeky, yet all knowing grin.
Does it for most hetero middle-aged women, and no doubt a few old gays as well.

Thesaurus Rex said...

I've recently been tested for cgymea and it turns out I'm neutral. That's a turn up, I didn't even realise I had a womb!!

Metamatician said...

I read up on cgymea myself, turns out it's a disease where your amygdala gets all jumbled up.

Wasn't there a Queen Amygdala in the awful new Star Wars series?

Your MI6 secret word below which I must type to get this post past the Gates of Cerberus is "unitub." That would go over well in a crowded dorm. Or maybe it's a tub for unicorns, or people of undetermined sex?