Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Beyond Yesterday's News

I'm definitely getting there. However I maintain I am seriously confusing myself on a daily basis with all this blog nonsense. Even my partner, (A.K.A. B.F.G.) who claims to have (and apparently has) mastered all the ins and outs of the world of blogging in it's simplest form, couldn't figure out what the feck I'd done to all of the passwords and usernames and all that jazz. She is easily confused though. Her record at scrabble will tell the full story, or maybe she's been letting me win all this time? Perhaps I'm easily confused? After all, I never saw what was wrong with Betamax.
Anyway, I feel I must post this old tripe before the cyber world catches me succeeding at something and punishes me by some devilry. What this time I wonder? Maybe it'll make my P.C. just disappear overnight. Oh how innocent bystanders would laugh and laugh as I was hauled spitting and swearing from around the throat of some poor unsuspecting fool behind the paydesk at P.C.World.

And incidentally, why are bystanders always innocent? I mean, don't the guilty ever appear on the streets? I'm fairly certain somebody who is guilty of a genuine misdemeanour must have stood by me at some stage. And why are they always standing? I mean, isn't it just feasible that somebody who is wheelchair-bound may also be innocent (or guilty) and nearby when 'an incident' has taken place. One or two may have been on sun-loungers or even cycling past. The mind boggles at just how many types of 'being by' innocently (or even guiltily) there can be. Well my mind boggles anyway, but an adult lifetime involving myself in a love affair with alcohol, a love affair as yet undiminished by the passing of a couple of decades and counting, would go a long way towards explaining that. Other episodes of sideways recreational behavior take one all the way towards an explanation, but what the hey, that's for another time.
Read on, MacDuff, and at that other time I will promise you that you will be disappointed.


Magdalene said...

I must confess that your frequent Scrabble victories leave me frustrated at yet another example of the world's injustices. After all, I'm the one who can spell.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Read 'em 'n' weep, sugar puff.
"I know I'm going to lose
and gambling for fools.
But that's the way I like it, baby
I don't wanna live forever.
And don't forget the Joker'

Metamatician said...

Ah shit (pardon the 'ah')... Fresh meat - I mean newly-discovered Scrabble players. Either of you interested in playing online sometime? Morning types or late night? I'm more of a night person but I'll have-a-go at anyone anytime. There's a site from Hasbro...or Atari... someone has set up that works most of the time and is free and doesn't require your middle child as collateral. I will humbleberry pie your jocular Joycian jabberywocky (yes I knew it was Carroll but don't go spoiling my alliterations you beastly wanker)..where was I.. oh yeah, ANY TIME!

*In Homer voice* Mmmm....Scrabble.

I wonder how it works between "real" English and American English. I suppose maybe ALL spelling variation are acceptable? House rules? I've no idea.