Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Hook

Here's the hook! It's a self made miracle.
Coming to you to break through your own manacle.
Cloud and clutter and pain and suffering
Once you're in no room for no guessing game.
Feels like fire in ice cold veins
It's your party are you glad you came?
Music pumping up and pushing in sideways
Forward movement, squeeze like icing
Hope the cake is all that you never had
Fresh as the last thought that you have ever had
Jumping the queue for the roller-coaster
Passing other people as you roll over.
Turn to smile at the passive faces
All like mine, we've just changed places
Bumping on a track without an ending
Quicker than thought, but more mind bending
Just for a moment you're upside-down
Giving you a feeling that you're part of a sound
Take a warning, gonna be a firestorm
Inside, gotta get it under control
You've got savage ideas with no understanding
Building a life on advice but no plan
Take heart, take part, make a start
You know that you can handle it.
How do I feel, it's a fantasy world
Buzzing around me putting fears in my soul
Didn't quite get what there was to be gathered
Grabbing at life, there there it's all better
Putting my heart out for all to be seen
Massive rush in just to prove I'm as green
And as young as I'd ever have feared
Check my horizons to see if they've cleared
But no, there's the clutter again
Dragging me down like the virus within
Us all, I could make myself cry
Mindbomb, boom! Still dunno why
The unacceptable has to be heard
The unacceptable feelings and words
I don't want to hear but they can't be ignored
Cos to get where I am I'd have done that before
This point, where I sit and I say
Things I might understand in a different way.

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