Tuesday, 11 September 2007


How do you do Mr. Nice Policeman
How do you do what you must think you must
With the people in down No. Ten
Their heads all turned in shame and pure disgust
Whose desperate measures have called on you
Your morals drowned in seas of spite
Your ideals sold for bloodstained gold
A force beyond the peoples' might

A day in devil's deeds begins
The gloom protectors draped in blue
A mist will shroud your naked sins
With words of fire I'll murder you.

Whose feet are sure on wicked means
In strong defence of hell's own ends
The day of your reckoning has yet to arrive
Your own survival now depends
On those who seek to save your soul
For what it's worth now you've stooped so low
To stamp on your rekindled hopes
By dealing out your wicked blow

And when the day is over soon
You'll sleep in brave innocence at night
Your poisoned offspring by your side
You'll kill them too, when the time is right.

1 comment:

Thesaurus Rex said...

This was written whilst I was at work in 1984. It was a response to a close friend getting the shit kicked out of her by a 15 stone copper at Greenham Common. What a hero he must have felt himself to be when he got home after that shift.
That sort of stuff still goes on, so I feel this song is just as relevent today as then.