Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Where's The Space

Melt with the sound
Feel my way round
I'm lost but I've found
There are many ways up
And as many ways down
Where's the ground?
Where's the ground?
Where's the ground?
Where's the ground?

Gathering pace
Stealing your face
I'm taking your place
And I'll leave with no trace
Yes I'll leave with no trace
Where's the space?
Where's the space?
Where's the space?
Where's the space?

I can remember
A time in the future
When a truer way of being wasn't so far forward.
Got a real sort of feel
To the background confusion.
Cross the devide to the dangerous side
I can push out the boat
Take my world by the throat
And let it breathe all it's powers for free.
Having got to the part
Of my own pounding heart
Which will feed the emotional animal I call me.

It's been scattered through my life.
An awkward feeling that I cannot understand.
Has it happened in your life?
An awkward feeling that you cannot understand?

Where's the sound?
Where's the place?
Where's the ground?
Where's the space?


Karishma Hasnat said...

Yea, its happened in my life too - an awkward feeling but one that I can understand!
Everytime I look at your profile pic, I wonder "Wot u upto?" The plant covering your face, I have that in a tub that's enjoying the rains here now!

Voted for Magdalene this time, you already got 2 badges!

Magdalene said...

And I won thanks to you K!

Rex, I take it these are all Autonomicus lyrics?

Thesaurus Rex said...

Ok, Karishma. As pointed out to a blogger of some note and skill, weigela floridi variegata.
I like to retain some anonymity, even if it's darn near impossible.
That's why I grew a plant in my navel.
I've just skimmed over some of your stuff, notably 27 aug. Bloody nora, India is such a complicated and multi faceted country. How on Earth does everybody keep up with the politics and religious diversity? Obviously if I read more of your stuff I'd know that much more but, you know what I mean.
My grandad served as an army nurse in India for 4 years during ww2.
I don't know where, all I know is there were mountains. Not much of a clue, but 99% of Brits don't have much of a clue about India, and I'm ashamed to say I'm one of them.
So it's raining there. This year, Britain, especially the midlands, got a terrible bashing from rain. This has been the worst summer for rain I can remember. Even Magdalene can't recall a worse one!!!(tee-hee-aha-hee a-heee-haaa-heeee-er-ohh the tears keep a-rollin')
Anyhow, thanx so much 4 the comment, I always appreciate appreciation.
I wish I had your understanding.
Tata 4 now.

Thesaurus Rex said...

Of course, who else.
For a rael big guffaw, I'll scribble down some Myriad Lifeform lyrics.
That band really was so stoned it was effectively biblical.
'All I said was that fish was good enough for Jehovah'
And never ask about Squeeky Is Innocent, I simply can't remember.

Thesaurus Rex said...

That's real not rael obviously.
Sorry, been at the madiera m'dear.

Magdalene said...

This weekend we will have spelling lessons. I'll bring the long gloves and shiny boots, you can provide the excuses for me to make you squirm.
Better shape up boy!

Failing that we can play scrabble and pore over entymology books. *Sigh*

Thesaurus Rex said...

Ok Maggs, Yoo bring the gluvs and I'll jusd karri onn az youshooall.

Martin Stickland said...

good poems!

Thesaurus Rex said...

Martin; They are actually songs. I was in a gigging band for 12 years. With rather unusual lyrics such as these, coupled with music that most people don't like, it's no wonder we did'nt make 'Top of the Pops'
More on that some time else.