Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Lucky Me.

I'm going to bed to read my book because I can't talk much about the predictable nature of the England football team's demise this evening. I wrote a post about the domestic violence which may take place around the country as a result of this defeat. I deleted it because though it was heartfelt enough, I don't really know what I'm talking about and perhaps that subject is so very close to so many peoples' lives I should at least do some reading or talking about it first. Suffice to say, ya basta.
I've driven myself around in circles now and but cannot just delete and run away, so I'm just filling another piece of cyber space with more conjoined phrases and thoughts. No jokes, no funny asides. I'll just keep myself to myself.
And later, when the coffee wears off and the fatigue of another day finally strokes my eyelids toward each other, I can sleep safe and sound in my womb of dreams and Western World comfort.
Lucky me.


Magdalene said...

And all this because of flippin' football. I'll never understand it as long as I live, but never mind, because there are other things I do understand instead. Feel free to discuss domestic violence with me anytime.

Thesaurus Rex said...

ok, we'll continue that when we both feel able to cope with agreeing with eachother wholeheartedly.

lorenzothellama said...

Pull yourself together and go an have a shower. It's only a bloody game. Grown men sweating about on a field chasing some stupid ball, just like my dog does.
Did you enjoy snogging Magdalene?


Thesaurus Rex said...

It was so good I may try it again next year, if she'll let me.

lorenzothellama said...

I've just got to put a comment as I have noticed the word today is


Martin Stickland said...

Hooowahhhhhhh for our jolly English players! NOT

I see you have found my special tree, I love her so much!

Oh little twee you comfort me, I only have a twig and your holes too big.

lorenzothellama said...

Are you still in bed sulking Rex?

Thesaurus Rex said...

LtL; I always get up to sulk. Brings it to a larger audience. Anyway, I wasn't sulking at all. I did spend enough time in bed this weekend though;-0 Funny you should mention chasing a ball like your dog, Lorro. I have oft described myself as having Jack Russell tendencies in that way. Not in the other way though. You know, the way which leaves indescribable stains on your sofa cushions. (3-2-1- OK Mags, sign saying "wet paint")
Martin; You should see the state of some of the other trees in my growing collection of photos. Hey, maybe we could start a tree porn mag and make a million bucks.