Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Rex's Big Bad Quiz Results.

And so, here are the answers you've all been waiting for. Sorry it took so long. My p.c. decided to fecked up last week and then I had to go and do my Nurse Rexy bit. I can only just fit into that uniform with a bit of help from a giant shoe horn type device and plenty of grease. Still, whatever turns me on, eh.

A; He cannot smell, he has no nose. ( German stand up comedian answer)2 pts (1pt for any silly answer regarding dogs)

B; 9. Look at a Brit keyboard. Sorry to all who don't have one. 2pts

C; First woman in space. 2pts

D; Built 1904-1906, sunk by U-boat 1915, effectively bringing U.S. into the 1st world war. 4pts

E; George Michael. 2pts (1pt for anybody who put a gay person down as an answer.)

F; Barry Bonds (big news stateside, the rest of us don't like rounders much)

G; Magical Mystery Tour. (can't believe those who were teenagers in the 60's didn't get this)

H; All 2pts each

i Marty Scorcese
ii Stan Kubrick
iii Steve Spielberg
iv Alf Hitchcock
v Olly Stone (kicking yourself, anybody in Spain?)
vi Bruce Robinson (likewise any Americans?)
vii Ridley Scott
viii George Roy Hill (who?)
ix Arthur Hiller (whoer???)
x Spike Jonze

I; Scooby-doo, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphne. 1pt each ( nobody ever gets Vela so Selma, Themla, etc got point)

J; Vermont (verte, green; mont, mountains) 2pts

K; Kent (guess where I'm from) 2pts

L1; Arsenal (the clue was in the cough for dedicated Morecombe and Wise fans)

L2; Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience)

LSD; No answer scores points. This question was the tie breaker, each answer given a judged score out of ten by me cos I'm the quiz dude.

M; Addis Ababa 9.03 N
Brasilia 15.5 S
Kathmandu 27.2 N
Tokyo 35.4 N
Washington DC 38.5 N
Beijing 39.3 N
Paris 48.5 N
Prague 50 N
London 51.3 N
Rekjavik 64.1 N
Brasilia being the only Southern hemisphere city is therefore furthes from the North pole. 2pts each answer in correct place in order 1-10

N; Phillip Pullman

O; U.K.-'It's All Over Now', (bad luck to the quadrupeds among us)
U.S.-'Satisfaction' 2pts each

P; Herbert Henry Asquith
David Lloyd George
Neville 'Piece of paper' Chamberlain
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 2pts each

Q; Sir David Attenborough

R; Cincinatti Reds,
Sparky the gay dog,
Timothy. (snigger)

S; Spike Lee,
Spike Jones,
Spike Milligan,
Spike Robinson.(Who?)

T; James Monroe,
Andrew Jackson,
Abe "Ssshh, I'm trying to hear the operaaaagghh!!" Lincoln,
Ulysses S. Grant,
Grover "not really a Muppet" Cleveland,
Theodore "bang! shit was that a bear? Hey, guys, bury it and don't tell or you're fired" Roosevelt,
Calvin 'Klein' Coolidge,
F.D.R. Roosevelt,
George H.W. "best adverisement for contraception I've ever seen" Bush,
Bill 'The Inhaler' Clinton.

F.D.R. had the most V.P. numbering three. 2pts each and 2pts for bonus

U; Blue. (bet you wish you'd guessed now, huh) 2pts

V; aye-aye 4, X llama 4, X spider 8, X human 2, X scorpion 8 = 2048
cerberus 3, + minataur, 1 + hippocamp 1, + gorgon, 1 + centaur 1, + sphinx 1= 8
2048/8=256 12 pts

W; Any answer gets a 2 pt gimme. Everybody answered.

X; Graham Chapman

i American black bear
ii duck billed platypus
iii Tasmanian devil
iv brown bear
v russian hamster
vi guinea pig
vii ring tailed lemur
viii raccoon
ix channel islands spotted skunk
x badger (The ones you find in Britain, usually viewed as roadkill, sadly) 2pts each(not if you kill one, silly, in the quiz)

Z; J.L.S. gave the best answer, with all the working. She therefore gets 5pts +1pt for being a bloody smartass. I just did my calcs on a bit of graph paper. So the answer is 4.45m apparently. 5 pts for bang on or within one metre and 1 pt for within six metres.

And that's it folks. I thank you all from the heart of my bottom. Now it's so cold in my house I'm gonna hug the radiator. B.F.N.


Magdalene said...

I bet the nurse's uniform has already got soop stains down it. Or did you get someone to cut you out of it?
(I'm not talking about the sodding quiz coz I'm still sulking.)

lorenzothellama said...

I like a girl who sulks! It so rewarding watching everyone grovel until you come round. Keep it up Magdalene!

Who won you big bastard ... er .. you big handsome man you. You haven't given all the points. For instance, how many points do I get for getting nearly all the towns in the right order from the equator and knowing Brasilia was the furthest from the north pole?

lorenzothellama said...

Oi, I've got a % over my 5.


lorenzothellama said...

My & is over 7.

lorenzothellama said...

I'm joining Magdalene in a sulk.

Martin Stickland said...

I am just to fik!

Great effort though my friend, I now have Boxing Day sorted for entertainment!

Gosh that Lorenzybum has a gutter tongue on her!

Metamatician said...

Yeah, who's the feckin' winner yeh poof? Chuffing 'ell, I'm not playing this quiz again, it took a whole year of my life away.

Seriously though, who won?

& I'm with Lorro, '&' is over my 7, but I explained this in my answer. You should post the answers btw!! That would make for some needed hilarity.

Raelha said...

Not sure where & is on my keyboard, but wherever it is that´s the answer I gave. I´m at work at the mo´ and on the Spanish one here it´s over the 6.

Bah, I had Arsenal as my orignal answer - best domestic record of the 20th century and all that so thought it was a good guess, but then I decided to be too clever for my own good - ie ´Why did he choose 1936? Hmmm, what happened in 1936? Ahh, the King died. Oooh, if the King died I bet it was cancelled.´ Grrr, I think too much. Although not enough about The Doors.

So who bloody won then?

lorenzothellama said...

Gosh Raelha, can you remember as far back as 1936?

At least you chose Arsenal. I chose Colchester United.

I think metamatician sums it up very well in his opening question.


lorenzothellama said...

p.s. what does btw mean?

Magdalene said...

I know who won..... I'm not allowed to tell though. One thing's for sure, it wasn't me!

Hurry up and tell them Rex you git, or there'll be a mob at my door.

lorenzothellama said...

Yeah, hurry up Rex or there'll be a mob at Magdalene's door.

Metamatician said...

Yeah, hurry up Rex or...

Oh, 'btw' means 'by the way,' which is entirely to long to type out in full.

Magdalene said...

Lorenzo is a bit slow when she's been at the cointreau, Meta.

Metamatician said...

Mmmm, Cointreau. Makes me want a Cadillac Margarita.

Rex, hurry up you tit.

Magdalene said...


There, was that loud enough everybody? See, I'm doing my best here.

Rex, darlng, do pulish the quiz winners, there's a dear, or I may have to find subtle ways of inflicting punishment next week.

Raelha said...

Lorenzo, yes I did chose Arsenal, but then changed it before I posted my answers ¡que tonta soy! I endured five years of my PhD supervisor lording their superiority over Leeds over me and then I went and got it wrong. He´d be very disappointed with me.

And yes, I agree, metamatician sums it up wonderfully. (And the & is over the 7 on my home - British - keyboard too, sulk)