Friday, 21 December 2007

It's Tough Being Magnus (reincarnate)

So many comments, so little time. Ok, The Winner Is.............................Metamatician with 86 pts. He was followed by Scriptor Senex, 63 and then Raehla, 55. Empath, 38 and a half, LtL with 35, JLS with 33 Mags a sulkworthy 31, and Bytedoc aways back from that. Total pts available were about 160.
I think Byte had a bad cold that affected his short, long and medium term memories. I thank him for his sterling efforts, pop by any time, dude.
JLS gave a full and frank military style orienteering super trigonometry answer for Qu. Z, but could have tried better earlier for a podium finish. Be fair though, she does live upside down on the other side of the world, which must be awfully tiring.
What can I say about "The Llama" which hasn't been said already? Well, here goes. In all my born days I've never read such extraordinary brown-nosing, but since it was by invitation in effect, fair play to our four legged inebriate. It didn't do her any good whatsoever, as I decided that playing God is more like acting the goat with a llama and her farmers (I assume you must have had 'farmers' at least once in your life. Quite painful, don't use the bullet shaped suppositories.) Even changing answers was of no use at all. Let me know if you can't remember anything you gave as an answer, I'll send 'em on. Many thanks for your many long hours of hard work.
Empath, my sweet, quiet, unassuming friend. One of three Americans, who all got the baseball question right. Bless you for finishing though it was way past your bedtime (naps count as bedtime). Great try with Sussex, which I will be in next week visiting my parents (and borders Kent and is nearly as pretty). My rectal temp was 106, time to get in a bath or shove some ice up my Khyber. Half point for being 0.2 mtrs outside the 1 pt region (I'm such a pig, but a benevolent pig at least)

And so onto the podium finishers.

Raehla. A late entry gains the bronze gong, and after engaging any number of bored Spaniards on the war Prime ministers of Great Britain over the odd Rioja, consistently good all round knowledge. Beef up your U.S. history or bribe me to include anything Spanish and you're onto a winner. Hope the Solstice party is in full flow and the mulled people are being drunk by the laughing, happy wine.
Scriptor Senex, the unashamed Dark Horse of this competition, and a lot of punters(me) outside bet for the title, has rolled home in a creditable second place. An imaginary silver medal adorns his stately sternum as we speak. The ONLY person to score on the tricky and pivotal Qu.V. Listening to odd music in his youth would have put him closer to the title. Many thanks for his published support to my blog space, and for giving this quiz a 'ruddy good stab'

And now, for your eyes and delectation, I hereby announce that the winner is a pain in the ass. Quite clearly his persistent calling into question of my sexuality and hassling for results has ground me into the dirt. So I'm up far too late again, tippy-tapping away to satisfy his every cyber need (well, nearly!!!) Talk about odd, he got FULL MARKS on the U.S. presidents section. Who was history teachers pet at school, then hmm? Knows his films but was second on that to the lovely Raelha. Unusual not to get the baseball/Clooney connection.

And so, to Meta dude, REX'S BIG BRAINIAC GRAND CHAMPION OF THE WORLD FOREVER COMPETITION WINNER, goes a big congratulatory and manly slap on the rump with a wet towel. You can have the trumpet back now. I've wiped and sterilised the soggy end. Go to the top of the class and the foot of my stairs.

Is there something I've forgotten to say? Oh, yes!!! Of course there is. Many huge heart-and-soul-felt thanks to Magdalene. She was the first to complete the quiz even though she was hanging and rinsed from a hard day at the office. I consider this to be the very meaning of the word support. However, I think a long series of intensive one to one tutorials is in order to enhance her chances in future tests of knowledge. I shall swap the now totally greasy uniform for a pair of brown corduroys and a green jacket with leather patches on the elbows. Excuse me whilst I grow some dangerous sideburns (nesting bird life optional) and become an absolute boon in her erstwhile gappy education.

Be happy in your hearts my fellow humans, for knowledge itself is not the point of life. The experiences had whilst attempting to gain it and the wisdom to use it once it has been captured pale it's acquisition into the shadows.

Happy Solstice!


Magdalene said...

Yes, well done Meta! But hardly surprising eh? Wasn't I restrained in not telling you?

Rex, you're a patronising git and know full well that I know trillions of things that you don't, including what you're not getting for Christmas. A little holly flagellation on the soles of the feet girls? what do you think?

lorenzothellama said...



Raelha said...

Oi, what's wrong with brown corduroys? I'm in a pair right now and I'm not some dowdy old teacher (hmm, I think my students would agree on that one).

Yes, more Spanish history/politics next time please. Here is an example so you have no excuses when you pen your next dastardly round of questions: 'To which presidential candidate was Helmut Kohl referring to when he said "If he wins, I'll eat my hat"?'. And you can replace the baseball questions with tennis ones: 'Who was Martina Hingis referring to when she said "She looks like a man"?', and maybe George Clooney with Johnny Depp, then I'll be happier.

Magdalene, we have a few holly trees over here. If you run short and need some sending over just let me know.

Metamatician said...

The Gasbag came... out with the results. Hail Rex, king of all he surveys.

And provider of baseball and US President questions. As it happens I had a Stalinesque US History teacher in school who made us memorise the entire list, which I've never been able to undo.

Come to think of it, the same sort of thing happened with the books of the bible, and I'm not too keen on that tabloid rag either.

Ah well, if having a good memory wins me quizzes at the expense of other people, then it's all worth it. =)

Oh yeah, Happy Christmas everyone!


Magdalene said...

You can turn the silly wordy thing off now. Or at least publish comments as they're written. Soooo annoying.(You love me really.)

Magdalene said...

Ooh, You already did. *Blush* Sorry.

Metamatician said...

Hey Rex, cut out and paste that apology somewhere before she finds some reason take it back!

Metamatician said...

Um... or even "to" take it back. :-S

Rauf said...

sorry i took a while to visit you
My blog was in cold storage for sometime.
Oh some quiz going on here ? i am not good at that.

Merry Christmas To you and your family.
wish you all the fun and joy for Christmas and a happy new year.
Warm regards

empath said...

Yea! I wasn't the last - poor ByteDoc, but fortunately he doesn't give a toot. thanks for trying to wake up my brain - it was jogged anyway. Fun and time consuming quiz, especially on your end. Thanks again, Mighty Dinosaur!

lorenzothellama said...

Next time no sporty questions, no pop questions and no film star questions. Please just have questions about llama food, llama stables, llama carts, llama habits and llama friends. Then we might get somewhere.

Love Lorenzo.

Raelha said...

Meta, I have a similar problem with the New Testament. It comes from being taken to Sunday school and being made to sing an incredibly silly song which comprised of nothing more than the names of all the NT books in order. I'm also haunted by another song, learnt in the same place, and sung to the tune of Match of the Day, entitled 'Why don't you put your trust in Jesus...', (which is also the first line if you want to sing along).

Thesaurus Rex said...

Er, Meta prob won't know the Match of the Day theme tune. Please correct me if I'm wrong Meta, on this matter, not generally in life. Once again congrats and well done, how does that trumpet taste? A bit like gorgonzola?
Raehla; I have an image of Schoolkids mixing Jesus and footballers up, hopefully to comic effect. Hingis was prob refering to either Venus Williams? or Amelie Mauresmo!! I expect most Spaniards wouldn't know who Kohl was talking about.
Rauf; Welcome to the one of the many connected madhouses who give eachother light abuse and support in equal and full measure. Will get back and read more of the ins and outs of your life when I have some time. Thanx 4 visiting, come back soon.
Lorro; Q-How do you make a llama stable? A-Take her sloe gin away. Boom,Boom! HoHoHo, Merry X(christ)mas.
Empath; you're welcome, write a blog, it's fun.

Magdalene said...

Raelha: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggghhhhh!

Magdalene said...

Stupid thing didn't write properly. It was supposed to have rrrrgggghhhh! On the end. aaaaaaaaaaaa on the other hand implies that I think nauseating songs about J.C are cute. Ths is not the case.

Metamatician said...

You could of course have been referring to the castle Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrggh, where the Grail is located and guarded by French taunters.

Mags between the two of us we have enough pent up rage about Christianity to level a large obnoxious house with a nativity scene on the front lawn gaudily lit and blaring carols for all to hear.

Here here! Xmas indeed.

Metamatician said...

Actually Rex the trumpet tastes a bit like arse. I thought you said you cleaned it.

Raelha said...

T Rex, yep, it's was Mauresmo. If I was going to guess at one of the WIliams sisters my first choice would've been Serena, those arms are scary.

Kohl was speaking during the run-up to the 1996 elections and referring to a pompous, moustachioed fellow named, of course, Jose Maria Aznar. Aznar was known for his complete lack of charisma and it was a bit of a surprise when he beat Felipe Gonzalez. Although, I don't think Kohl consumed any headwear when he heard the news.

Magdalene said...

I think we've all heard quite enough about the trumpet now boys. It's not big and it's not clever. Now wash your hands and come in for tea.

Pent up rage Meta? Mine's pretty much right out there.

Metamatician said...

Don't touch me trumpet, ya strumpet!