Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Kitchen Pig Has Left The Building!

A job is a job, it's been said. There is a singular straight philosophy to that which is hard to argue against. However, like all aspects of human life, once past the simplistic, the complex begins. Today, I have stopped working at the place I have worked for almost three years. It was not a first choice to begin working there to start with. My last job ended with wages owed. There was anger and disappointment. I needed another one fast, and as is often the case, haste produces a certain lack of choice, a removal of the type of logic we would all use if given the time to use it.

I wonder what next week holds in store for me.

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Metamatician said...

First of all I believe "A job is a job" is a form of tautological argument much the same as mainstream America uses when they proudly pronounce "God exists because He says He does!"

Secondly, I *know* what is coming up at your job, having time-traveled to the future (ok, so I looked ahead in your blog) and seen the hilarity which ensues. It's a pretty good time for all I must say except for yourself of course.